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About the Network

Productive Dialogues

We understand productive dialogues to be dialogues that are effective in relation to the problem at hand (with an understanding of the context in which the problem takes place). Such dialogues are inclusive of all participants, recognize and recover resources, promote knowledge and necessary innovation in order to further social cohesion and effectiveness in an array of areas.

In both the social and political spheres, productive dialogues are essential processes: the way a dialogue is understood has serious implications for the way interpersonal, community and international relationships are handled. They affect participation, the construction of meaning and agendas of common interest, the inclusion of topics meaningful for the group involved, the construction of the ability to learn from and manage situations, and other concerns.

Our Aim

The Network offers resources for those who believe, as we do, that the future of our shared social life on this planet depends on our ability to engage in productive dialogues in a variety of contexts. The Network offers educational materials, links to professionals who are actively engaged in this perspective and the opportunity for those who are committed productive dialogues to be able to establish fruitful working relationships. One of the Network's aims is to develop, support and communicate about programs, consulting work and collaborative counseling carried out in different countries.

The Network attempts to share awareness of the projects, practices, research, and theory of its membership for the benefit of all.
The Network understands that the theoretical advancements, practical experiences, work methodologies, and research and intervention programs are the original work of each of the persons or groups that have developed them. The opportunity to share experiences, reflections and contributions will make it possible to expand knowledge and further resulting actions.

Members of the Network include outstanding and experienced educators, consultants and researchers working in an array of areas and countries. For each of the Network's nodal projects a specific group is formed. For the projects sponsored by the network, the groups can be pre-existing; the decision whether or not to invite other members into such pre-existing groups will be the decision of said groups in collaboration with the Advisory Board.


  • Sharing ideas and practices that come from an array of sources, institutional contexts and countries.
  • Engaging in different types of educational initiatives, including workshops, lectures, meetings, and face-to-face as well as on-line courses.
  • Offering consulting services to those segments of the public and private sectors that share our new vision of how to face problems and conflicts, and promote change.
  • Collaborating and exchanging information, as well as encouraging mutual support, contributions to and suggestions on the efforts and projects of each of the members.
  • Furthering visibility that increases awareness of the importance of an array of types of dialogues that occur in everyday relationships, organizations, communities, politics, religion and other spheres.
  • Encouraging links among persons and institutions
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