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The Network offers resources for those who believe, as we do, that the future of our shared life on this planet depends on our ability to engage in productive dialogues.

We offer educational materials and programs, links to professionals who are actively engaged in this perspective and the opportunity for those who are committed productive dialogues to be able to establish fruitful working relationships.

The Network for Productive Dialogues consists of persons, theorists, professionals, groups and institutions interested in developing dialogue as a means achieving interpersonal, organizational and social transformation. 

The Network is a joint initiative of Fundación Interfas and Taos Institute, and the presidents of those organizations are the directors of the Network. The Network also has an Advisory Board that performs consulting and operative tasks.


Fried Schnitman, Dora
Ph.D. Director, Fundación Interfas. Post-Graduate Professor, School of Psychology, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Gergen, Kenneth J
Ph.D. Senior Research Professor. President, The Taos Institute. Adjunct Professor Tilburg University.

Advisory Board

Aebischer, Verena
Professor, Departament of Psychology, Université de Paris X Nanterre, France.
Cavarozzi, Marcelo
Dean, School of Government, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina.
Chaveste, Rocío
Instituto Kanankil, Mexico.
Estrada Mesa, Ángela María
Professor, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia.
Fry, Ronald
Professor of Organizational Behavior and Director Masters Program in Positive Organizational Development and Change, Case Western Reserve University, Estados Unidos.
Grandesso, Marilene
Professor, Universidad Pontificia de San Pablo. Director, Interface.
Grané, Jordi
Drala, Gestión Apreciativa SCCL. Escuela de Prevención y Seguridad Integral de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona en Bellaterra de Cerdanyola (Barcelona).
Kiperman, Enrique
Professor, School of Business, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Magruder Watkins, Jane
Director, Appreciative Inquiry Unlimited, Williamsburg, VA, Estados Unidos.
Molina Valencia, Nelson
Professor, School of Social Sciences, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Bucaramanga, Colombia.
Muñoz Hernán, Yolanda
Fundación Gizagune, Bilbao.
Pearce, W. Barnett
Professor, School of Human and Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University, Estados Unidos.
Rijsman, John
Professor, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.
Sanhueza, Jorge
Dean, School of Psychology, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago, Chile.
Schlemm, Marcos
Federaçâo das Industrias do Estado do Paraná, Brazil.
Schmukler, Beatriz
Ph.D. in Sociology. Researcher, International cooperation, social policies in gender equality and democratization of family relationships. Instituto Mora, Mexico City, Mexico.
Shotter, John
Emeritus Professor, University of New Hampshire, Estados Unidos, and staff member, Kensington Consulting Centre, London.
Yazbek, Vania Curi
Transformative mediation and restorative justice at the Instituto FAMILIAE and MEDIATIVA mediators association, Brazil.
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